About EAS

The airbrush artist - Emilio

The renowned artist Emilio has been painting and sculpting since his early teens. He has degrees in fine art, sculpture and graphics after three years of art school at "D˘men School of Arts" in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Emilio has been working with airbrush for twelve years, developing and refining this method to fit his clients needs. Applying his skills in sculpting and fine art as well as artwork on less conventional canvases as human skin, Emilio has gained worldwide recognition, winning countless awards in arts and sculptures.

The company - Emilio's Airbrush Studio

After graduation from art school in 1999, Emilio founded Emilio's Airbrush Studio. The company offers services to commercial and private clients alike in areas ranging from fine art and sculptures to fashion-shows and murals as well as offering popular art classes.

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